Katelyn Pearce, Gone by Dawn (2016)

GBD2016-KP-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.10_[2016.03.31_21.42.05] GBD2016-KP-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_02.02_[2016.03.31_21.42.21]
Boss of a strip club invites his newest stripper to spend some time with a important friend of his. Friend decides he wants sex with her and she refuses. They both decide to rape her. First the friend from behind on a desk and then they tie her to a weight lifting machine for more fun. Acting is not the best in the world but girl is pretty and great scene overall.
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Samantha Jones, Broken Youth (2013)

BY2013-SJ-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.56_[2016.03.12_23.35.15] BY2013-SJ-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.13_[2016.03.12_23.35.30]
Short clip of a play where bf breaks in ex gf house and rapes her.
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Vanessa Viola, Lake Dead (2007)

LD2007-VV-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.15_[2016.05.17_12.06.48] LD2007-VV-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.44_[2016.05.17_12.06.56]
City women go up to secluded lake area and get attacked by redneck family. Girl here gets bent over tree and raped.
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Unknown Actress, Narcos (TV Series 2015- )

N2015-UA-01-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.39_[2016.01.30_15.21.50] N2015-UA-01-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.42_[2016.01.30_15.22.40]
Female informant decides to infiltrate drug dealers hide out. She knows she has to have sex with disgusting guard. She is found out and they strip her naked and rape her. Sadly not much focus on the rape part and once it gets going police guys save her.
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Ana de Armas, Exposed (2016)

E2016-ADA-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.41_[2016.03.31_21.38.00] E2016-ADA-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.58_[2016.03.31_21.38.08]
Nice looking woman walking the subways gets attacked and raped. Kinda of dark but good acting and nice thrusts. I heard this movie was very cut/edited so this scene may be longer but not sure.
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Unknown Actress, Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014)

ROTGD2014-UA-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.28_[2016.03.11_11.55.30] ROTGD2014-UA-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.13_[2016.03.11_11.55.40]
Asian gangs in NY. Gang members break into rival gang members house and rape the mom and daughter.
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Marie Denarnaud, Une histoire banale (2014)

UM26-UA-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.54_[2016.05.17_10.50.11] UM26-UA-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.35_[2016.05.17_10.50.17]
Not sure what movie this is from. Seems to be European maybe. Anyways, woman gets ride home from date and he wants to go inside. She declines, but as she is going in her home he comes up behind and rapes her.
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Darlanne Fluegel and Elizabeth McGovern, Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

OUATIA1984-DF-EM-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.15_[2015.05.24_13.35.37] OUATIA1984-DF-EM-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.30_[2015.05.24_13.35.46]
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Unknown Actress, Pet Sematary II (1992)

PSII1992-UA-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.11_[2016.03.12_23.27.36] PSII1992-UA-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.20_[2016.03.12_23.27.48]
Still looking for full unedited version but this gives the basic idea of scene…
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Irena Miliankova, Pod prikritie (TV Series)

PPS01E05-IM-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.16_[2016.07.18_21.32.19] PPS01E05-IM-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.24_[2016.07.18_21.32.38]
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