This site is a personal collection of forced sex scenes from movies which I have collected during many years indulging this particular pleasure on the web. Watching hot actresses pretending to be raped in films is a safe focus for my rape fantasies and thus this site was born.

If, like me, watching these scenes gives you a thrill, then don’t feel guilty about it – you’re not alone. These are harmless fantasies, just as long as they stay fantasies.

A site showing rape clips from mainstream movies – seriously?!

Well, yes actually. Raping someone or even being raped “is a common sexual fantasy among both men and women”. Watching rape scenes from movies is a safe way to indulge such fantasies and thus this site was born.

That’s not to say I condone rape though, because I don’t. I’m going to repeat myself just to be perfectly clear: I do not condone rape. Furthermore I am not some depraved pervert who can only get his rocks off to non-consensual, forced sex. I am a regular, law-abiding guy who pays his taxes, has a family and enjoys a normal, healthy sex life. The idea of rape is utterly abhorrent in the real world, but in my darkest fantasies – where it stays – it is very arousing.

So if you too fantasise about rape but feel guilty about it, there’s no need. You’re not alone and it’s perfectly acceptable, just as long as they remain just that – fantasies.

Like most guys I need to physically see my fantasies rather than just imagine them. Therefore rape scenes from mainstream movies are ideal because they involve a high level of acting as opposed to some of the rape porn out there (which is often so poorly staged it borders on the ridiculous and thus kills the fantasy for me). I remember being strangely titillated by the attempted rape of Kim Basinger in Hard Country (1981) when I was a teenager. That was the start of my fascination with rape scenes, a journey which has culminated in the building of this site.