I thought it would be worth having one page for everyone to post movies which they know have or think will have a rape scene in it, but haven’t found the movie on the net yet.

The thinking is with more eyes looking, we are more likely to find when they become available.

Here are some movies on my WANTED list. Please post yours and of course, if you have come accross any movies listed below, let me know!

La Secta (2014)
Where Once We Walked
Arrancame la vida (2008)
Douce (2011)
Insane (2006)
The Journey (2009)
Gnadenlos – Zur Prostitution gezwungen (1996)
The Naked Truth (Video 2003)
Paparazzo (TV Movie 2007)
Men Only (TV Movie 2001)
La leyenda de la doncella (1994)
Tylko Beatrycze (1976)
Swiadek koronny (2007)
Przylbice i kaptury (TV Series 1986- )
Suffer and Die (2009)
Boza podszewka (TV Series 1997– )
Sangue caldo (TV Series 2011- )
Ojciec Mateusz (TV Series 2008- )
Rupel (TV Series 2004-2006)
Amnestia (1982)
Spiewy po rosie (1983)
The Runaway (TV Mini-Series 2010- )
Act of Violence (2008)
Fuera ropa (1995)
Slot Queen (2005)
Sister Friend (2016)
Ostra randka (2013)
Obszon – Der Fall Peter Herzl (1981)
Hot Neighbors (2016)
Hannah (1997)
Der Idiot (TV Series 2006– ) E09
Beyond The Copline (1993)

Gier auf Heisse Katzen (1983)
Dogpa (2015)
Croisiere erotique (1977)
人妻玲子 調教の軌跡 1995
Women War Series-Bongcheon-Dong Showdown (2015)
Women War Series-Moved in man (2015)
Confinement Time (2015)
Body Temperature (2011)
Ruff Trade (1986)
Fatal Rose (1993)
Desmundo (2002)
Daughters of the Nunnery (1997)
Condenada Por Um Desejo (1981)
15 Complex wife assault (1981)
Secret Visitor (2015)
Joseon Scandal – The Seven Valid Causes For Divorce (2015)
ハード・ペッティング (1987)
エイズをぶっ飛ばせ 桃色プッツン娘 (1987)
Zetsurin gyaru yaruki munmun (1985)
Yukari Takeshita Shyness Graffiti 1984
Tsuyakenkaku Kunoichi biyaku seme (2010)
Shufu to Sei-seikatsu (1984)
Shiroku nureta natsu (1979)
Sake ta yawara hida (1987)
Pinku no kaaten III (1983)
Osanazuma Zekkyo (1976)
Onna shinnyushain 5-ji kara 9-ji made (1982)
Naked Human Nature (2011)
Murakami Rena Kyukyoku meikizuma (1997)
Love Beast Hunt (1983)
Female Teacher (1977)
Asa wa dameyo (1980)
A Night Of Passion (2014)
Young Lady (1998)
Venus Diosa ng kagandahan (2001)
Tinik (2013)
Enjo-kôsai bokumetsu undô: jigoku-hen (2004)
Pervert nurse (1984)
Moon Princess (2012)
Η ΚΟΝΤΡΑ (1983)
La raíz del mal (2008)
Marion la perverse (1977)
Sabel (2005)
French initiation (1985)

Some TV-Series:
Funland S01E06 (2005)
Justica S01E03 (2016)
Crime Patrol E226 – Pinjar (2016)
Crime Patrol E218 – Bardaasht (2016)
Sex & Violence (2013) S01E02

Pucanj u dusu (2015)
American Girls (2013)
The Receptionist (2016)
Zooey & Adam (2009)
Surreal Sicko (2012)
Nan nan (2010)
Bongwater (1998)
Silent Ones (2013)
Roulette (2013)

Crack Whore (2012)

Song of the Shattered (2010)

Sargad (2017)
ShE (2006)
Cactus (2008)

Gu lian hua (2005)

Do koske (1997)

Sara (2014)

Dead But Dreaming (2013)

Mother. In the Name of the Millions (2014)

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  1. Rollerblade Warriors: Taken by Force 1989
    Heart of Midnight 1988
    2020 Texas Gladiators 1982
    Gunan, King of the Barbarians 1982
    Warrior Queen 1987

    • Download and will check them! Can’t find only Gunan il guerriero (1982) for now, will be added on the list. Thanks.

    • who is the girl in the jean shorts at the bottom right? What movies do you have uploaded with her?

      • This is Margaret Qualley. I haven’t uploaded a movie with her, unfortunately. But I will be glad to see her in such a role 🙂 Anyway, the movie from which the gif is made is called Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood (2019).

  2. here is a movie with anal rape

  3. Obszoen.-.Der.Fall.Peter.Herzl.1981.576p.AC3.DVDRip.High.Profile.x264-NoGroup
    is really hard to find. As far as I know there is no rape scene in it but I have the 1:30 minutes you are interested in 😉
    I could upload this short cut for you.
    I tried to write you an E-Mail a few months ago, but the contact adress here didnt work.
    I wanted to tell you from Memento Mori (2018)(Germany) which includes 2 interesting rape scenes.

  4. I found also Les frères Hélias (2002).
    Its a short film and I found it somewhere totally free. Probably on Vimeo!?

  5. The uncut version of “The Love Object” 1970 is a must have. You already have the edited version but the uncut is way better. This movie is a masterpiece of ENF. The pretty Kim Pope is kidnapped and then undergoes the best forced stripping on film. After her outer clothes are removed, we can feel her embarrassment as her sheer half slip is pulled off leaving her in bra and panty. Then the director deliberately focused the camera exclusively on her panty as she lay on a bed with her arms tied. A man’s hands come into the picture grasping the panty waistband and starts slowly tugging them off as she writhes and squirms trying desperately to keep her panty from coming off. The camera follows her panty as it’s being removed and as she writhes we see it all. She writhes one way then back again as her panty comes off exposing her lovely ass cheeks then her pubic area with the panty continuing down her thighs and her lovely legs as she groans with embarrassment. The camera closely follows the removal of her panty down her legs and then off at her pretty feet. The director obviously made her panty removal the highlight of the whole movie and you must get the uncut version if at all possible.

  6. Vista Valley Pta
    One of the classic rape scenes in 80s porn.

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