Eva Repikova, Den sedmy – osma noc (1964)

DSON1964-ER-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.52_[2015.05.24_13.30.12] DSON1964-ER-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_01.09_[2015.05.24_13.30.18]
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Rosamund Pike, Return to Sender (2015)

RTS2015-RP-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_02.03_[2016.03.10_15.31.58] RTS2015-RP-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_02.33_[2016.03.10_15.32.20]
Women who gets ready for blind date. Sadly for her wrong guy shows up and won’t leave till he gets some. Well acted and good struggle… just could have been bit longer during rape and might have been a classic.
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Yahima Torres, Black Venus (2010)

BV2010-YT-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.23_[2016.03.31_21.30.39] BV2010-YT-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_02.38_[2016.03.31_21.30.35]
Based on true story of black woman who went to London in early 1800’s to make a career. She falls in with wrong manager who makes a act out of showing her big butt. Later on she is forced to prostitute to pay the bills. Here she takes on client and his woman. Clearly not enjoying it.
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Unknown Actresses, Dead Prison Woman Hunting (2011)

DPWH2011-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.00_[2015.05.24_13.26.25] DPWH2011-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_01.15_[2015.05.24_13.26.37]
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Unknown Actress, Date 7

D7-UA-1080p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.02_[2016.05.17_10.37.27] D7-UA-1080p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_02.02_[2016.05.17_10.37.58]
Short film about woman who remembers her date rape. Pretty good scene.
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Unknown Actress, Unknown Movie (Flowers of War?)

UM13-UA-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.27_[2016.03.12_23.25.03] UM13-UA-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.42_[2016.03.12_23.24.47]
Rape in China during WW2
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Unknown Actress, F E U – SHORT FILM

FEU2016-UA-1080p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_02.00_[2016.03.31_21.26.51] FEU2016-UA-1080p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_02.29_[2016.03.31_21.26.56]
Women who are violently raped. Kinda strange with all the cuts/music but some good thrusts in there. Full 4 min short
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Oksana Akinshina, Lilya 4-Ever (2002)

L4E2002-OA-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.34_[2016.01.30_15.13.13] L4E2002-OA-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.37_[2016.01.30_15.13.52]
Russian girl has to take care of herself and brother by prostituting herself and turning to pimps.
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Soto Silva, St. Marks (2013)

SM2013-SS-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_03.18_[2016.03.10_15.36.33] SM2013-SS-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_08.00_[2016.03.10_15.37.24]
Man brings pretty latin women to his room for some rape… or is it?
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Rosie Day, Outlander (TV Series)

OS02E04-RD-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.56_[2016.05.17_10.34.22] OS02E04-RD-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.30_[2016.05.17_10.34.32]
Two noblewoman are walking home when they get attacked by robbers. They rape one of them who is a virgin.
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