Unknown Actress, I ragazzi del massacro (1969)

The teacher of an evening school for youngsters with social problems is brutally raped and murdered right in her classroom. The rape scene, although very impressive, is simply done with a camera movement. The suspense is well built.

The work in the provincial senior high school fell to young teacher’s share. That school had a reputation for high level of criminality. The girl was delivering a lesson in class which consisted only of boys that feasted their eyes on her. The school principal who was a tall woman with golden hair came to lesson and provided boys with Kentucky corn, and then gave the command to rape a new female teacher. Young hooligans were looking forward right to that signal in order to abuse the new teacher with the entire class.

Format: MKV
Size: 330 MB / 103 MB
Duration: 07:05 / 02:32
Resolution: 1280×680
Also Known As: Naked Violence, Sex in the Classroom, The Boys Who Slaughter, La jeunesse du massacre, Violacion en las aulas, The Boys Who Slaughter

Download File – IRDM1969-UA-01-2shake.rar
Download File – IRDM1969-UA-2shake.rar

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