Kathy Shower, The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (1988)

TFAOTB1988-KS-2shake.vob_snapshot_02.44_[2015.10.09_18.20.23] TFAOTB1988-KS-2shake.vob_snapshot_03.39_[2015.10.09_18.20.39]

Young couple, who loves to travel and extreme, went to travel to the jungle, there they were attacked by the local tribe of savages. They began to run, eventually the girl was captured, and she was plastered with oil, tribe left her in the leaders trench, naked. Soon, the chief came in, he was war painted and brought to the girl her boyfriend’s head, and then he got on her at the top, pressed her face to the ground and outraged with cruelty.
Format: VOB
Size: 173 MB
Duration: 04:24
Resolution: 720×480
Also Known As: Las aventuras de Tennessee Buck, Le avventure di Tennessee Buck, Scarifice
Download File – TFAOTB1988-KS-2shake.rar

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