Unknown Actress, Voroshilovskiy strelok (1999)

VS1999-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.12_[2015.05.10_21.02.37] VS1999-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.48_[2015.05.10_21.02.54]

The sexual assault of the schoolgirl is demonstrated with that reality and ruthlessness with which it all always happens in such situations. The girl just answered the invitation of her classmate and having come to his apartment was abused by the lad with his buddies that arranged a sexual feast with virginal maiden for themselves.
VS1999-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_01.07_[2015.05.10_21.03.13] VS1999-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_01.26_[2015.05.10_21.03.25]
VS1999-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_02.12_[2015.05.10_21.03.44] VS1999-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_02.19_[2015.05.10_21.04.00]
VS1999-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_02.54_[2015.05.10_21.04.15] VS1999-UA-720p-2shake.mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2015.05.10_21.04.27]
Format: MKV
Size: 94 MB
Duration: 03:33
Resolution: 1280×720
Also Known As: Voroshilov Sharpshooter
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