Ornella Muti in The Girl from Trieste (1983)

Ornella Muti in The Girl from Trieste (1983)
TGFT1983-OM-2shake.avi_snapshot_00.53_[2015.01.25_18.09.00] TGFT1983-OM-2shake.avi_snapshot_01.00_[2015.01.25_18.09.03]

The movie with Ornella Muti in which a violent rape in the hostel over a new girl takes place. The maiden just settled in the dormitory, but she became the object of likeness of the envious female neighbours because of her beauty. In the evening three lassies broke into the new girl’s room and started string the clothing away from her. Having taken the panties off the victim, they started to carry out their muddy business deriding over the girlie.
TGFT1983-OM-2shake.avi_snapshot_01.20_[2015.01.25_18.09.09] TGFT1983-OM-2shake.avi_snapshot_01.38_[2015.01.25_18.09.18]
Format: AVi
Size: 25 MB
Duration: 01:43
Resolution: 720×432
Also Known As: La ragazza di Trieste
Download File – TGFT1983-OM-2shake.rar

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