Dayle Haddon in La citta gioca d’azzardo (1975)

Dayle Haddon in La citta gioca d’azzardo (1975)
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Special-order wife rape

A lot of rich people as they have a lot of money feel themselves invulnerable, but this idea is mistaken. They are the same people as everybody is and can become the victims of butches as others. It was exactly this that happened with this couple that was peacefully staying at home. The lad was beaten, and the wife was beastly raped right on the carpet by the sofa.
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Format: AVi
Size: 20 MB
Duration: 01:32
Resolution: 720×366
Also Known As: The Cheaters, Gambling City
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Format: AVi | Size:15 MB | Duration: 01:20 | Resolution: 800×400
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