Was Schulmadchen verschweigen (1973)

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The guy raped drunk female school leaver

A female school leaver had one too many in the graduating party and asked her boyfriend to accompany her to the house bedroom. He brought lass, and having laid on the bed, started undressing her, getting off shoes, at her own request. Still, the red streak’s legs were so much tempting that he came down to caress them. Then he got the dress and panties off the lady. She was maintaining resistance as she might, but the guy knocked maiden on the bed and raped tipsy female school leaver.
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Format: AVi
Size: 25 MB
Duration: 02:39
Resolution: 608×384
Also Known As (AKA): What Schoolgirls Don’t Tell, Secrets of Sweet Sixteen
Download File – WSV1973-UA-2shake.rar

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