Anne Heywood, Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff (1979)

Teacher gets raped by a black janitor in a classroom.

Format: MKV
Size: 125 MB / 51 MB
Duration: 06:56 / 03:51
Resolution: 1280×690
Also Known As: The Sin, Secret Yearnings, Amar Foi o Meu Pecado, Relazioni disperate, The Shaming,

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  1. The actress Anne Heywood starred in the 1979 film titled “Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff,” playing a teacher in 1954 Kansas who gets raped by a black janitor in her classroom late at night. Because of the stigma in the small town, she doesn’t report the rape, hoping that it was an isolated incident. But the next night, the janitor rapes her again. The rapes continue, but soon they transform into consensual rough sex as it becomes apparent that she is a submissive woman who is actually aroused by brutal sex. The sex scenes include full frontal nudity, vigorous thrusting, simulated vaginal sex, simulated anal sex, simulated throat sex, and simulated bleeding. He slaps her face, rips off her clothes, and even bends her over a hot radiator while having vaginal and anal sex from behind, causing painful burns to her breasts. When she gets home and undresses in the privacy of her bedroom, she is awestruck by the burn marks on her breasts as she looks at her nude body in the mirror, realizing that the marks have the patterned shape of the classroom radiator. She willingly endures the humiliation, degradation, pain, and violation of being roughly subjected to all kinds of brutal sex in her classroom, night after night.

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