Katrin Cartlidge, Claire Dolan (1998)

This is they story of a woman forced into the world of “high” class prostitution to pay her sick mother’s medical bills after a man that she didn’t know agreed to help her who later turns out to be a vicious pimp.

Scene One – Claire is in a room taking it from behind from a customer who wants her to enjoy herself. She tries to get into so that she can earn her money(she doesn’t get paid for bad performances) by touching herself but that doesn’t work so she just sits on all fours pouting while the man pounds her.

Scene Two – Claire’s mother’s condition has taking a turn for the worse so in between high class jobs she is forced to prostitute herself like a regular street walking whore. She’s goes to a bar and picks up a customer and takes him back to her place. At first she moans to please the customer, but when reality sets in she gets teary-eyed and upset at what she’s doing. After the customer busts a wad in cunt she yells at him to get out.

Format: MKV
Size: 5 MB / 4 MB / 5 MB
Duration: 00:30 / 00:33 / 01:04
Resolution: 672×384

Download File – CD1998-KC-01-2shake.rar
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