Amai muchi (2013)

When Naoko was a freshman in high school she was kidnapped and imprisoned by a man who lived next door. For one month, she went through hell. Finally, she killed the man and escaped.

Format: MKV
Size: 7.94 GB
Duration: 01:58:11
Resolution: 1280×690
Also Known As: Sweet Whip, Sweet Obsession, Dalkom-han Chae-jjik
NOTE: English subs inside.

Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part01.rar
Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part02.rar
Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part03.rar
Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part04.rar
Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part05.rar
Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part06.rar
Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part07.rar
Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part08.rar
Download File – AM2013-FULL-720p-2shake.part09.rar

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