Leni Lan Yan (Leni Lan Crazybarby), Yukiko Suo (Suou Yukiko), 3D Rou pu tuan: Ji le bao jian (2011)

Innocent noblewoman is ravished in her bath by a lower-class handyman, marking the beginning of her downward spiral into sexual slavery.

A sadistic prostitute gets her comeuppance at the hands of her patron, the Ming Dynasty prince who knows that she has betrayed him to his rival.

Format: MKV
Size: 41 MB / 50 MB / 44 MB
Duration: 02:17 / 02:46 / 02:49
Resolution: 992×560
Also Known As: Sex and Zen 3D, 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

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