Delia Lindsay in Because of the Cats (1973)

Delia Lindsay in Because of the Cats (1973)
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The guys are not just broad-jumpers, but cynical bastards. They adore to assault broomsticks breaking into the houses. In this case as in all other ones, having put on masks, they broke into the house, beat up a husband and then got down to the screaming wife. Having denuded her, they started to rape her on the bed taking turns while the rest of them were calmly drinking whisky from bottles expecting their turn.
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Format: OGG
Size: 98 MB
Duration: 03:20
Resolution: 1024×576
Also Known As: The Rape, C.A.T.S., Perche i gatti, Brutalization, Niet voor de poezen, Z powodu kotow
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