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Alejandra Lorente, That Wasn’t Me (2012)

twm2012-al-720p-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-04_2016-03-11_14-07-25 twm2012-al-720p-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-42_2016-03-11_14-07-34
Short movie that was actually Oscar nominated. Spanish aid workers travel to Africa to help. Local war criminal and his army of children soldiers capture them. Children soldiers kill the men and about to kill the woman but head guy has other ideas for her and rapes her instead. Good acting and rare interracial rape as well.

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Unknown Actresses, The Orphan (2002)

to2002-ua-720p-2shake-avi_snapshot_05-26_2015-05-22_15-15-12 to2002-ua-720p-2shake-avi_snapshot_11-16_2015-05-22_15-15-35
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Unknown Actress, Unknown Movie (Irreversible?)

um19-ua-2shake-mp4_snapshot_01-20_2016-03-13_14-20-36 um19-ua-2shake-mp4_snapshot_01-47_2016-03-13_14-20-58
A girl who gets drunk and date raped!
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Bo-ra Nam, Don’t Cry Mommy (2012)

dcm2012-brn-2shake-mp4_snapshot_01-37_2016-03-11_14-03-26 dcm2012-brn-2shake-mp4_snapshot_02-08_2016-03-11_14-03-38
Korean film about girl who is lured to rooftop and gang raped by school bullies while they video it.
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Jane Levy, Evil Dead (2013)

ed2013-jl-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-26_2016-03-13_14-15-21 ed2013-jl-2shake-mp4_snapshot_01-29_2016-03-13_14-13-55
Raped by a tree!
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Emily Kwan, The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story (1993)

teirtus1993-ua-720p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_00-14_2015-05-22_15-05-11 teirtus1993-ua-720p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_01-00_2015-05-22_15-05-21
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Unknown Actress, Debris Documentar (2012)

dd2012-ua-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-03_2016-03-11_12-56-27 dd2012-ua-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-31_2016-03-11_12-56-42
Rare german film about perveted guy who has obsession with various fetishes. In this scene he stalks a women who is taking a pee in the woods and finger rapes her hard. Nice full frontal shot.
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Emma Roberts, American Horror Story (TV Series)

ahs-s03e01-er-2shake-mkv_snapshot_00-04_2016-03-13_13-38-08 ahs-s03e01-er-2shake-mkv_snapshot_01-04_2016-03-13_13-38-15
Girl gets gang drugged and gang raped at frat party.
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Jutta David, Laura Cannon, Forced Entry (1973)

fe1973-jd-2shake-mkv_snapshot_02-32_2016-07-28_14-27-10 fe1973-jd-2shake-mkv_snapshot_04-27_2016-07-28_14-27-14
A shell-shocked Vietnam veteran stalks, rapes and murders the rich and beautiful women who frequent his gas station in retaliation for his service in the war.
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Unknown Actress, The Altar of Lust (1971)

taol1971-ua-720p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_00-52_2015-05-22_14-59-18 taol1971-ua-720p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_01-34_2015-05-22_14-59-23
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