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Carla Roda, Rape and Dead (2012)

Short movie about girl who is bent over and raped and then kills her attacker.
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Asia Argento, La Sindrome di Stendhal (1996)

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Unknown Actress, Balkanska braca (2005)

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Stephanie Danielson, Muck (2015)

m2015-sd-1080p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_00-48_2016-09-27_12-11-10 m2015-sd-1080p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_00-48_2016-09-27_12-11-38
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Unknown Actress, Body Bags (1993)

bb1993-ua-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-07_2016-03-13_14-43-38 bb1993-ua-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-18_2016-03-13_14-43-32
Rare cut rape scene very short.
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Unknown Actress, Help Me I Am Dead (2013)

hmiad2013-ua-01-720p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_01-15_2015-05-24_16-03-32 hmiad2013-ua-01-720p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_02-31_2015-05-24_16-03-45
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Unknown Actress, The Watermen (2011)

tw2011-ua-720p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_00-00_2015-05-22_15-18-05 tw2011-ua-720p-2shake-mkv_snapshot_02-26_2015-05-22_15-18-27
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Unknown Actresses, Slaughterhouse 2: Prelude (2013)

s2p2013-ua-01-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-44_2016-03-11_12-50-32 s2p2013-ua-01-2shake-mp4_snapshot_01-55_2016-03-11_12-50-36
Rare “found footage” brazilian film about serial killer who stalks teens at party.
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Natasha Yarovenko, Aftershock (2012)

A2012-NY-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.37_[2016.03.13_00.09.11] A2012-NY-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.54_[2016.03.13_00.09.46]
American woman is raped in South American city that has a earthquake.
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Stephanie Marie Capeling, Margarita Giliadov, Madison Crocker, Kingdom Come (2014)

KC2014-SMC-MG-MC-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.26_[2016.03.11_12.01.22] KC2014-SMC-MG-MC-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_00.28_[2016.03.11_12.01.25]
Bad guys trapped in abandoned hospital. Black guy who raped and murdered women get confronted by the ghosts of the women he killed and we see flashbacks of him raping them. Does contain some minor snuff and gore we he gets it as well.
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