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Bride Flight (2008)

Karina Smulders in Bride Flight (2008)
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La Mujer Del Juez (1984)

Unknown Actress in La Mujer Del Juez (1984)
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Les femmes de l’ombre (2008)

Deborah Francois in Les femmes de l’ombre (2008)
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Los anos desnudos (2008)

Candela Pena in Los anos desnudos (2008)
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Gluck (2012)

Alba Rohrwacher in Gluck (2012)
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Don’t Clean Up This Blood (2012)

Jennifer Ulrich in Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood (2012)
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Filme Demencia (1986)

Imara Reis in Filme Demencia (1986)
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Happy Endings (2012)

Любавой Грешновой, Счастливый конец (2012)
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Stille Dage i Clichy (1970)

Unknown Actress in Stille Dage i Clichy (1970)
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Juno Temple, Gina Gershon, Killer Joe (2011)

Juno Temple in Killer Joe (2011)
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Psychotic hitman needs to teach a lesson to a double-crossing housewife who tried screw the hitman and her husband out of their share of the money. He forces her to fellate a piece of fried chicken while her husband watches.
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