Kim Pope, The Love Object (1970)

Format: MKV
Size: 363 MB
Duration: 23:25
Resolution: 640×480
Also Known As: Illusions

Download File – TLO1970-KP-2shake.rar

  1. This movie, “The Love Object” probably has the best forced undressing scenes ever. Unfortunately this copy is the cut version at the scene where her panty is removed. The director focused on a slow deliberate removal of her panty with the camera following the garment off her hips and down her legs. When she’s laid on the bed with her arms tied above her head, the camera zooms down to her midsection showing her panty then a man’s hands grasps the waistband and starts tugging it off as she struggles trying to prevent her panty from coming off. As she turns, writhing we see everything in the uncut version, her naked ass cheeks and her pubic area as the panty continues down her legs, off her feet and is discarded. In this version we see her panty being removed but just before it reaches her “treasures” the scene cuts to the panty at her thighs and we are deprived of watching as the panty removal uncovers her pubis and lovely buttocks. Too bad. Kim Pope is perfect really showing a lot of ENF moments. Her embarrassment is obvious as her clothes are removed especially when her panty is pulled off as we hear her groaning softly with embarrassment as her panty comes off while the men stand around looking at her.

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