Frida Farrell, Selling Isobel (2017)

Selling Isobel, a thriller based on true events, featuring the real victim in true life playing the main charter. It’s about a woman who got locked in, drugged, held against her will and sold to numerous men for 3 days in an apartment in central London. It’s a film about her fight for survival all the way to the gruesome end.

Format: MKV
Size: 110 MB / 13 MB / 100 MB
Duration: 05:23 / 00:29 / 04:42
Resolution: 720×480
Also Known As: Apartment 407
Note: Thanks to HRH1948 who contribute the movie!

Download File – SI2017-FF-01-2shake.rar
Download File – SI2017-FF-02-2shake.rar
Download File – SI2017-FF-03-2shake.rar

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