Karen Young, Handgun (1983)

Shortly after moving to Dallas, a young woman is raped at gunpoint.

Young, naive and lovely, the lass enjoys both fascinating body and wonderful cutie with golden curls. Still, her mind isn’t adult enough yet so that she would be cautious enough. She came to the guy and remained with him alone in an empty house. She liked him, and having sat down on the sofa, they fell into kissing. Firstly, the girl liked everything, but he started demanding more than just smooches. When she started fighting her way free from his necking, he directed a gun at her and enforced to strip at the barrel of a pistol. Then he raped youthful creature.

Format: MKV
Size: 25 MB
Duration: 11:49
Resolution: 640×348
Also Known As: Deep in the Heart, Kathleen, Hand Gun. Un bersaglio particolare,

Download File – H1983-KY-2shake.rar

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