Candela Pena, Micaela Nevarez, Princesas (2005)

Prostitute is on a date at a restaurant, romanticizing her meeting with a man she feels attracted to – who does not know that she is a sex worker. She recognizes one of her clients at a different table. She turns white with fear, and when she momentarily leaves the table to go to the restroom, her client follows her and asks her for sexual favors in the bathroom. Initially she refuses saying, “Not today, not today”, but because of his perseverance and his large monetary offer, she accepts. The camera, inside the restroom, focuses on prostitute’s face, crying while refusing the offer; but in their closeness, he grabs her and insists. Perhaps we cannot say it was rape, since in the end she accepts the money as a symbol of the selling of sexual pleasure, but there was not free will on her part in offering her services either.

Format: MKV
Size: 87 MB / 58 MB
Duration: 06:20 / 04:17
Resolution: 720×552
Also Known As: Princesses
**NOTE: The file have eng subs, u just need to set them ‘on’ from your video player. Also, the scenes from second video are little bit edited by me! ENJOY! 🙂

Download File – P2005-CP-2shake.rar
Download File – P2005-MN-2shake.rar

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