Deniz Akkaya, Living & Dying (2007)

A TV reporter is sexually assaulted by a bank robber.

Turkish model Deniz Akkaya plays an ambitious reporter in this terrible movie. She persuades the police to let her into a bank where two robbers are holding people hostage and do an interview. Reluctantly, the police agree (as if they’d allow that!)

As soon as she enters the bank one of the robbers knocks out her cameraman, leaving Deniz vulnerable to the crazed criminal. She is taken to a room and savagely raped by one of them as the police watch helplessly on their monitors, unable to storm the bank and rescue her unless hostages are killed.
Format: MKV
Size: 57 MB
Duration: 06:11
Resolution: 720×416
Also Known As: Living and Dying, Vivir o morir, Countdown to Death, Vivendo e Morrendo

Download File – LD2007-DA-2shake.rar

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