Mai Goto, Ichi the Killer (2001)

Here are two clips from one of my favorite mainstream movies of all time. These two scenes are from the Japanese film Koroshiya 1, better known in English as Ichi the Killer. Brutal, violent and awesome!
Sexy Japanese lady gets visit from her Yakuza boyfriend. Wannabe superhero does the voyeur thing while she gets beaten and raped.
Our favorite Yakuza is back again, this time with a baseball bat. Wannabe superhero finally decides to step in. But does he want to help the girl, help out the rapist… or help himself to the goodies?

Format: MKV
Size: 66 MB / 160 MB
Duration: 01:16 / 02:59
Resolution: 720×576
Also Known As: Koroshiya 1, Ichi el asesino

Download File – ITK2001-MG-01-2shake.rar
Download File – ITK2001-MG-02-2shake.rar

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