Sybil Danning, The Night of the Askari (1976)

The rape by barbarians against the background of fire

The savages created their band that scared the living daylights out of civilian population. The black chieftain colored his face with white paint. They set the house of the white maiden on fire and made her run outside where she was gripped and carried in the center of the yard. Having torn apart clothing and straddled legs, two guys were holding a prey, while their commander was violating her, and then took scalp off the killed and raped victim.

Format: MKV
Size: 27 MB
Duration: 01:50
Resolution: 640×368
Also Known As: Death in the Sun, Whispering Death, Albino, Con la bava alla bocca, Le guerrier

Download File – TNOTA1976-SD-2shake.rar

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