Becca MacDonald, Aidan Dee, Unknown Actress, Collar (2014)

Huge satanic homeless guy who rapes prostitues and a police officer. Overall pretty good stuff! Hooker walking down the street runs into him and gets collared and raped. Police officer gets captured bent over and raped. Best scene of the three for me. Than she still captured gets raped again by the homeless guy. This time while being filmed and directed by some loser who thinks he is controlling the homeless guy. Our heroine cop is chained up fully nude (nice full frontal shot) and gets raped by a chain hook. Her pregnant lover comes by to try and stop things and doesn’t go well. Contains snuff and lots of gore.

Format: MP4
Size: 62 MB / 77 MB / 71 MB / 100 MB
Duration: 02:32 / 02:36 / 02:45 / 03:50
Resolution: 1280×720

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Download File – C2014-BM-720p-2shake.rar

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