Cinemagic CMC-082

Cinemagic CMC-082

Reviewed by John Galt

CMC-082 (Cinemagic, 2011)

This JAV entry falls into the “secret agent” or “detective” genre. I can’t tell you which one for sure because it is in Japanese. According to the sometimes less-than-accurate English language translation, the title might be Hell’s Slave 4 Scorpion Saga, starring Maki Mizusawa and Yu Kawakami. The video clocks in at just over an hour and a half, and appears to have a plot. I will minimize trying to figure out the story and maximize my descriptions of the GIMP parts.

The video begins with a guy in a bar obviously agonizing over something. Another guy enters and they talk. The second guy gets a phone call from the Maki Mizusawa character. They talk. More sober discussion between the two old guys. Fade out to the title, in Japanese.

4:00 minutes: Maki Mizusawa walks into a bedroom with a briefcase, wearing a blue dress. She slowly removes the dress, then the black garter belt, and then her black thigh-high stockings, which leaves her in a black bra and black panties. Undressing takes her two full minutes. She pulls on a pair of camo pants, a camo top with strategically located see-through black mesh accents, and a see-through black mesh jacket. Shiny black leather boots that almost reach her knees complete the ensemble.

9:00 minutes: Yu Kawakami, fully naked and with her arms bound behind her back with ropes that also bind her breasts, is walked into a room by a bad guy in a black pin-stripe suit. He forces her to stand on some cinder blocks. He fills up a large syringe with 200 ml of water, lubricates the tip of it, inserts it in her ass, and pumps the contents into her. (In case you were wondering, 200 ml is just shy of a cup.) He is almost through the second 200 ml when she starts squirting back, having reached her capacity. She is made to squat down, still on the cinder blocks, and squirt it all out. She makes appropriate humiliation and discomfort type noises throughout. Plus, she looks really great in that squatting position, up on her toes. She also has nice, large nipples.

Yu also voids her bowels. That is something that doesn’t much appeal to me personally, but if you like that sort of thing, there you go. There is even a lengthy close-up of her anus as she pushes it out, gasping and straining the whole time. I could not bring myself to do a vidcap of that. Sorry, scat aficionados. She also pees. The 7-minute long scene ends with a slow zoom of her feces on the floor.

Camo-clothed Maki Mizusawa, armed with a handgun, sneaks into the bad guys’ lair. Three guys attack her. There is a well-choreographed 2-minute long fight scene that inevitably ends with her subdued when two of the guys hold her arms while the third lands a couple of hard belly punches. They carry her out.

22:45 minutes: Fade in on an angled plywood platform, some metal bands, and a rheostat looking device that you just know will be used to apply electricity to those metal bands. Maki, coughing and gasping, is dragged into scene. A well-placed belly punch disables her. She is thrown onto the wooden table, and in her semi-conscious state, she is stripped naked, rope bound spread-eagled, and the metal bands are fastened around her wrists, ankles, and forehead. Yum.

The guy in the black pin-stripe suit enters, talks to her, asks her questions, and signals for the flunky to throw the switch to electrocute her. This is an incredibly awesome scene, and well-deserving of Ralphus’s “Best Torture Scene of the Year” for 2011. Maki arches her body dramatically and twitches believably while being shocked. When the current is turned off, she forcibly collapses back onto the table. Her spread-eagled body is covered in sweat, her eyes are wide open and she is gasping for breath. This sequence gets my vote for Best Electrocution Scene of All Time.
The power is applied three times in quick sequence, a pause while the guy taunts her some more, a fourth time when her answers are not forthcoming, and then a fifth time and a sixth time–and they are all exquisitely intense and erotic. The guy gets a phone call that I guess provided him with the infomation he was trying to shock out of Maki, because after the call he says something to her and signals for a final long shock that leaves her unconscious. An incredible 8-minute sequence with a breathtaking 3-minute electro-torture scene.
31:00 minutes: A still-zoned-out and disoriented Maki is tossed into the same cell where Yu–completely naked and wearing a metal collar–is imprisoned. More Japanese dialog. The scene lasts 2 minutes. More dialog between the old guys. More dialog between the naked imprisoned girls. More dialog between the old guys.

36:45 minutes: Yu is naked, on her knees and bound the same as in her first enema-and-scat scene. Maki is led in, also with her arms rope bound behind her back, and forced to her knees. She is made to suck the cock of the guy in the pin stripe suit while Yu watches. It lasts about 4 minutes. Next, Yu and Maki are on their knees side by side and nose hooks are inserted in their nostrils and pulled back and forth. Another fetish thing that does nothing for me. And, it goes on for six and a half interminable minutes.

47:45 minutes: Maki, with the nose hooks still fastened into her nostrils, has the two henchmen simultaneously stick their tongues in her ears and start licking and slurping and poking. She does not look as grossed out as I think she should. In fact, she looks like they drive her to an involuntary orgasm. It takes five minutes.

54:15 minutes: Yu is bound naked on her knees with the nose hook in her nostrils, being made to smell the cock of one of the henchmen. Then the guy in the pin stripe suit makes her smell his cock, and then lick it, but not suck it. Huh. Finally, the guy pushes her up against the concrete wall, lifts up one of her legs, and fucks her. Six and a half minutes later when he climaxes and pulls out of her we see his semen oozing out and dripping down Yu’s leg. Not a bad rape scene.

1 hour and 30 seconds: Maki is bound, bent over a wooden horse construction that looks very uncomfortable. One of the henchmen steps up behind her and fucks her while the guy in the pin stripe suit watches. Five minutes later the henchman also climaxes and when he pulls out we see semen oozing out and dripping down Maki’s legs. Another fairly decent rape scene.

1 hour, 7 minutes and 30 seconds: Yu is being led around by a leash on her hands and feet (stooped over, not on her hands and knees), occasionally being whipped. Then she is made to squat on the cinder blocks with her hands in front of her like a begging dog. Her face is alternately stroked and slapped. This is all about humiliation, and she acts appropriately humiliated.

1 hour, 17 minutes and 15 seconds: Yu is naked, bound AOH. The guy in the pin stripe suit walks in, runs his hands over her naked body, squeezes her breasts, caresses her face, then whips her with a cat-o-nine-tails. He whips her hard, takes time to caress her gently to build up her anxiety between lashes, then viciously whacks her again. Travis Lee singled out this bit (on the forum in January 2012) when he said: “the BEST aoh whipping scene belongs to CMC 082.“. Who am I to argue? Bruising and lash marks are visible. The crack of the whip is loud and crisp. Yu’s screams and struggles are spot-on. Close-ups of her ass being whipped. Close-ups of her breasts being whipped. Close-ups of her legs being whipped. It just goes on and on–for 10 minutes–but, perversely, never gets tiring.

Anyway, the good guys arrive and rescue her in the end and that’s it for GIMP.

SUMMARY: A naked bondage forced enema and scat scene, a totally awesome naked bondage spread-eagled 3-minute electro scene, a bondage forced fellatio scene, a lengthy nose hook scene (for what it’s worth), two above-average bondage rape nakadashi (creampie) scenes (one against a concrete wall with hands bound behind the back, the other bound bent over a wooden horse device), a humiliation scene, and a stellar 10-minute naked AOH whipping scene. All in all, this is one of the best JAV GIMP videos I think I have ever seen. I don’t have any problem giving this an enthusiastic A.

My Grade: A

Format: AVi / Size: 1.16 GB / Duration: 01:32:45 / Resolution: 720×480


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