Rosario Dawson, Chloe Sevigny, Kids (1995)

k1995-cs-2shake-mkv_snapshot_00-03_2016-10-24_16-20-48 k1995-cs-2shake-mkv_snapshot_02-14_2016-10-24_16-20-59
The first scene is in a kind of gray area between consensual sex and rape. It starts out consensual, as the teenage protagonist, who is intent on adding to his track record of deflowering virgins, persuades a hesitant younger girl to let him fuck her, soothing her fears by promising to be gentle with her. Then, he goes at it like a jackrabbit, and she keeps moaning in pain and complaining that it hurts, but he doesn’t give a shit. In the second scene, another teen rapes an unconscious girl.

k1995-cs-2shake-mkv_snapshot_02-40_2016-10-24_16-21-08 k1995-cs-2shake-mkv_snapshot_04-14_2016-10-24_16-21-28
k1995-rd-2shake-mkv_snapshot_00-21_2016-10-24_16-21-51 k1995-rd-2shake-mkv_snapshot_01-46_2016-10-24_16-22-02
Format: MKV
Size: 207 MB / 110 MB
Duration: 04:40 / 02:29
Resolution: 720×576
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