Rosario Dawson, Chloe Sevigny, Kids (1995)

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A school party in a big house of youthful and green teenagers resulted in complete and quiet sleeping of the participants. Everybody was rolling all around the house and had an oblivious sleep. The guy who was the first and the only one to awaken sat down to the tipsy weenie who was sitting on the couch almost bereft of reason and got down to applying his arms on her. Having sensed that she wouldn’t come to herself, he took the jeans and thongs off her and raped a young babe, and she didn’t even wake out of trance.

The first scene is in a kind of gray area between consensual sex and rape. It starts out consensual, as the teenage protagonist, who is intent on adding to his track record of deflowering virgins, persuades a hesitant younger girl to let him fuck her, soothing her fears by promising to be gentle with her. Then, he goes at it like a jackrabbit, and she keeps moaning in pain and complaining that it hurts, but he doesn’t give a shit. In the second scene, another teen rapes an unconscious girl.
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