Berserk Golden Age Arc III

bgaaiii-2shake-mp4_snapshot_02-08_2016-03-11_14-23-03 bgaaiii-2shake-mp4_snapshot_02-35_2016-03-11_14-23-08
Semi remake of the classic series with added 3d type animation. Female warrior gets captured and raped by her old leader who has become some sorta demon. Non hentai so while not super graphic gives it that movie feel.

bgaaiii-2shake-mp4_snapshot_04-02_2016-03-11_14-23-22 bgaaiii-2shake-mp4_snapshot_06-02_2016-03-11_14-23-44
Format: MP4
Size: 175 MB
Duration: 06:46
Resolution: 1280×720
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