Unknown Actresses, Slaughterhouse 2: Prelude (2013)

s2p2013-ua-01-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-44_2016-03-11_12-50-32 s2p2013-ua-01-2shake-mp4_snapshot_01-55_2016-03-11_12-50-36
Rare “found footage” brazilian film about serial killer who stalks teens at party.

s2p2013-ua-02-2shake-mp4_snapshot_00-18_2016-03-11_12-51-52 s2p2013-ua-02-2shake-mp4_snapshot_01-26_2016-03-11_12-51-03
First scene – Finds couple in bed and rapes the woman and murders the guy. Contains violence.

Second One – Killer has more people in basement trapped and rapes woman with a hook.

Format: MP4
Size: 70 MB / 61 MB
Duration: 03:51 / 03:05
Resolution: 1280×720
Also Known As: Matadouro Parte 2: Preludio, Mataduro 2
Download File – S2P2013-UA-01-2shake.rar
Download File – S2P2013-UA-02-2shake.rar

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