Debra Cassano, Injun (2013)

I2013-DC-2shake.mp4_snapshot_01.28_[2016.05.17_10.12.42] I2013-DC-2shake.mp4_snapshot_04.14_[2016.05.17_10.13.15]
Story about a white woman who lives with some Native Americans. Some escaped criminals come to their cabin and shoot them up but decide to leave her alive for some rape. Low budget but actress is pretty and solid acting. Some nice nude bound views too.

I2013-DC-2shake.mp4_snapshot_05.34_[2016.05.17_10.12.32] I2013-DC-2shake.mp4_snapshot_06.15_[2016.05.17_10.12.39]
I2013-DC-EXTRA-2shake.mp4_snapshot_13.01_[2016.05.17_10.13.59] I2013-DC-EXTRA-2shake.mp4_snapshot_13.58_[2016.05.17_10.14.17]
Format: MP4
Size: 165 MB / 372 MB
Duration: 06:25 / 14:32
Resolution: 1280×720
Also Known As: Scalped!
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