Lara Belmont, The War Zone (1999)

TWZ1999-LB-2shake.mkv_snapshot_00.37_[2016.03.21_21.45.30] TWZ1999-LB-2shake.mkv_snapshot_01.43_[2016.03.21_21.45.44]
Dad anally raping daughter into an old war bunker.

The daughter started to go out on dates with a lad, and that irritated the father greatly, as he was in love with daughtie on his own, but as it turned out: he loved her not only as the father, but desired the one as a lover. Having locked himself with daughter in the underground, he punished her in a horrific way. He put her on the underground floor and turned her ass to himself, raped a poor soul, and then stood up and went to have a smoke in an absolutely calm way.
TWZ1999-LB-2shake.mkv_snapshot_02.33_[2016.03.21_21.45.36] TWZ1999-LB-2shake.mkv_snapshot_03.23_[2016.03.21_21.45.40]
Format: MKV
Size: 67 MB
Duration: 04:35
Resolution: 720×304
Also Known As: La zona oscura, Zona di guerra, Tim Roth’s The War Zone
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