Ina-Alice Kopp, The Learning Curve (2012)

TLC2012-IAK-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_03.59_[2016.02.16_19.42.42] TLC2012-IAK-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_05.30_[2016.02.16_19.42.29]
Short film about young guy whose teacher had forced him into sex when he was in high school. Now 7 years later he visits her again. She tries to seduce him again but he has anger over what happened in the past and decides to show her what it is like to be raped. Punches her and takes her over to the bed for some hard rape. Very Hot actress and solid scene.

TLC2012-IAK-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_06.28_[2016.02.16_19.42.24] TLC2012-IAK-720p-2shake.mp4_snapshot_07.06_[2016.02.16_19.42.15]
Format: MP4
Size: 203 MB
Duration: 09:38
Resolution: 1280×720
Download File – TLC2012-IAK-720p-2shake.rar

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