Spencer Locke, Landmine Goes Click (2015)

LGC2015-SL-2shake.mkv_snapshot_02.56_[2016.01.30_15.59.34] LGC2015-SL-2shake.mkv_snapshot_05.31_[2016.01.30_15.59.39]
Guy is trapped on landmine and can’t move. His girlfriend can only wait for help. Sure enough local pervert arrives and agrees to help but only after humiliating the women in various ways. Eventually he decides he wants some rape action as well. Boyfriend must watch helpless…

LGC2015-SL-2shake.mkv_snapshot_10.17_[2016.01.30_15.59.47] LGC2015-SL-2shake.mkv_snapshot_10.37_[2016.01.30_15.59.51]
Format: MP4
Size: 136 MB
Duration: 04:06
Resolution: 1280×720
Download File – LGC2015-SL-2shake.rar
Download File – LGC2015-SL-1080p-2shake.rar

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