Lucelia Santos, Bonitinha Mas Ordinaria ou Otto Lara Rezende (1981)

BMOOOLR1981-LS-2shake.avi_snapshot_00.10_[2015.10.15_15.11.30] BMOOOLR1981-LS-2shake.avi_snapshot_00.22_[2015.10.15_15.11.34]
Slave rape

The lass was innocently milling around in the streets till she was attacked by four dark-skinned clod-hoppers that were devouringly smacking their lips while staring at the young white flesh of the dangerous curve. Having grabbed and pushed her into the car, they drove her out to the abandoned car junkyard and derided over her in a violent way, having banged her sweet cunt holes.
BMOOOLR1981-LS-2shake.avi_snapshot_00.30_[2015.10.15_15.11.50] BMOOOLR1981-LS-2shake.avi_snapshot_00.48_[2015.10.15_15.11.38]
BMOOOLR1981-LS-2shake.avi_snapshot_01.10_[2015.10.15_15.11.54] BMOOOLR1981-LS-2shake.avi_snapshot_01.36_[2015.10.15_15.11.59]
Format: AVi
Size: 46 MB
Duration: 02:25
Resolution: 480×360
Also Known As: Bonitinha Mas Ordinaria
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