Nathalie Nell, Rape of Love (1978)

ROL1978-NN-2shake.avi_snapshot_04.50_[2015.10.16_16.12.21] ROL1978-NN-2shake.avi_snapshot_07.28_[2015.10.16_16.12.24]
Night group ravishment

Three young inebriate hooligans caught a young lass in the street and having pushed her into the car, drove to the remote village where she was running naked beside the barn under their command. And then in the same barn having thrown her stark nude on the hay, the guys put into practice their salacious perverted desires with her young flesh. And the lass, weeping, was screaming with pain and trembling in every limb with fright in front of their faces strained with beastliness. The night group rape was awful for young girl.
ROL1978-NN-2shake.avi_snapshot_07.39_[2015.10.16_16.12.33] ROL1978-NN-2shake.avi_snapshot_08.11_[2015.10.16_16.12.43]
Format: AVi
Size: 85 MB
Duration: 16:02
Resolution: 592×392
Also Known As: Das Ende der Nacht, El amor violado, O Amor Violado, L’amour viole
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